Co2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing for Scar Revision

Posted on July 11, 2017 by: admin_metro

Modern medical technology is a finding new ways of addressing old issues that people have learned to except including scars. Healing scar tissue is not specifically a function of vitamins and proper stitching and if you have had cosmetic surgery done removing scars is essential.

What the CO2Laser does

This is where the new innovation of the CO2 fractional laser. The laser is known for having the highest intensity of medical grade laser in use that doctors have utilized for a variety of dermal applications. What makes the COS laser is effective is the way that it leaves the skin rejuvenated, smoother, youthful and tighter than it had been prior to the treatment. The CO2 laser works by altering the skin through heat, which restricts the collagen bands that make up your lower dermis. The target is essentially burned away and the skin is somewhat cleansed on a level.

Rewriting your body

Using the CO2 lasers doctors and practitioners can effectively edit our blemishes from the skin. The laser can remove things like unsightly warts, wrinkles, birthmarks, early stage skin cancer and of course scar tissue. The results, of course, depends on the person being treated more often than not and you’re ability to heal naturally health, and age all play a role in determining how well the treatment will work and how quickly a person will recover.

A new way forward

Bottom line, the CO2 laser is an effective method of removing unsightly scars. For many people who have endured the damage done by the sun, environmental pollution, and of course aging a C02 laser therapy can give them confidence and a new lease on life.   For more information, visit our blog page or give us a call!