What is Volbella?

Volbella in Beverly Hills is the newest addition to the Juvederm products. Juvederm Volbella is different from Juvederm XC and Ultra because it is specifically formulated for the lips and the vertical lips lines above the top lip (perioral rhytids). Volbella is a still a hyaluronic acid based filler but has a lower concentration of HA and uses Allergen’s VYCROSS® technology making it both smooth and long lasting.

How is Volbella Different Than Other Fillers?

Volbella is a still a hyaluronic based filler with the lasting power that practitioners have come to expect from Juvederm, but its application and results are what make it different. Volbella is FDA-approved to treat the vertical lines above the lips, often referred to as “smoker lines,” and add subtle volume for a natural looking lip augmentation in Los Angeles, CA.

Volbella was created using VYCROSS® technology for smoother HA particles and a lower HA content for a subtle enhancement. Volbella is perfect for patients who want to add soft volume that looks more natural and less structured than fillers with a higher HA content or lip implants.

What are the Side Effects of Volbella?

Volbella has similar side effects to other fillers in the Juvederm collection, such as swelling, tenderness, bruising, firmness/bumps at the injection site and redness. These symptoms are typically mild and will subside within a month or less.

How Long Does Volbella Last?

Volbella can last up to a year, however, results vary between patients. Juvederm fillers are an effective and quick solution to lost volume in important facial features to enhance your natural beauty. To maintain results, you will need touch up treatments after a year or whenever you notice the filler fading.

Who can Benefit from Volbella?

Anyone over the age of 21 that is interested in adding volume to their lips and filling perioral lines can benefit from Volbella treatments in West Hollywood. However, here are some patients that should avoid injectables such as Volbella:

  • Patients who are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Patients under the age of 18 for facial lines and under 22 years for lips.
  • Patients that have recently taken a drug that thins the blood.
  • Patients with a Lidocaine allergy.

Volbella at MetroMD

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