Fine lines and wrinkles aren’t the only signs of aging. Aging can also be detected in the loss of volume in the cheeks and cheek bones.

Are you noticing your cheeks beginning to lose volume, hollow, and even sag as age and environmental factors take a toll on your skin? MetroMD offers various non-surgical treatments in West Hollywood to improve your aesthetic concerns. Request your consultation with us today to begin your journey.

What is Voluma?

Juvederm Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler intended for subtle lifting and contouring cheeks. Voluma treatments in Beverly Hills require a deep injection in the cheek area, instantly adding volume and a lift to the facial structure. Voluma is used to plump these flattened areas for a more youthful, vibrant appearance.

How Does Voluma Work?

Much like other fillers, Voluma is injected beneath the skin to immediately add volume. Voluma is different than other fillers, since it is injected deeper into the cheek area to provide lift. It is also made up of thicker particles of hyaluronic acid for more dramatic results. During a Voluma treatment, a numbing cream may be applied for increased comfort. In addition to a topical cream, Voluma contains lidocaine, a type of anesthetic, to increase comfort.

How Long Does Voluma Last?

Voluma is one of the longest lasting fillers in the Juvederm filler collection. Voluma is the only filler proven to last up to two years. Also, when patients go for a touch up after two years, they often need less product than originally used. Some patients even reported looking up to 5 years younger, 6 months after treatment.

Who can Benefit from Voluma?

Anyone over the age of 21 that is interested in adding volume and a subtle lift to their cheeks can benefit from Voluma. However, here are some patients that should avoid injectables such as Voluma:

  • Patients who are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Patients under the age of 18 for facial lines and under 22 years for lips.
  • Patients that have recently taken a drug that thins the blood.
  • Patients with a Lidocaine allergy.

What are the Side Effects of Voluma?

Volbella has similar side effects to the other fillers in the Juvederm collection such as swelling, tenderness, bruising, firmness/bumps at the injections site and redness. These symptoms are typically mild and will subside within a month or less.

Voluma at MetroMD

If you are interested in Juvederm Voluma to correct any volume loss or facial deflation, contact MetroMD today to schedule a consultation. We can help restore your youthful appearance and increase your self-esteem with a safe and effective treatment option.