HGH doctor Los Angeles CA

HGH doctor Los Angeles CA

Alex Martin, MD, is the Medical Director and founder of MetroMD Institute of Regenerative & Cosmetic Medicine. He completed his post-graduate and doctoral studies at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, then further specialized in Internal Medicine at the University of California Medical-Surgical Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Martin was awarded a fellowship and spent a year overseas working with some of the World’s leading research scientists on proteins, DHEA, HGH, anti-aging hormones, and anti-oxidants now widely used in today’s fight against the aging process.

Dr. Martin continued his research in HGH and Anti-Aging treatments, focusing primarily on anti-aging and life extension strategies. In his quest to fully comprehend the dynamism and nature of the human life cycle, He initiated HGH Therapy for pediatric patients whom, for one reason or the other, were below the average height percentile. Having pioneered this treatment with over 3 decades of research under his belt, It was no wonder that he saw an 80% success rate.

Dr. Martin’s passion for Anti-Aging, Stem Cell Therapy, and Hormone Replacement Therapy led to the formation of MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine & Cosmetics in 2009. His innovative ideas, progressive outlook, and in-depth research have made him one of the nation’s foremost authorities in his field. Dr. Martin’s treatment of damaged cartilage and ligaments in joints is well known in the medical community. Using some of medicine’s most technologically advanced techniques allows the autologous collections of stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow for reintroduction into areas that may be damaged due to trauma. To date, he continues to helm MetroMD to new heights by overseeing our HGH program.

HGH directly controls the metabolic rate of cells to reproduce and repair cells, primarily to maintain a healthy body. It also helps advance childhood growth, while continuing to provide healthy function to your heart, organs, tissues, muscles, and bones throughout the entirety of your life. HGH is instrumental in repairing the body and leading a healthy life. Most individuals are unaware that they may be suffering from an HGH deficiency.

At MetroMD, we use a unique collection of natural and western medicine to help properly diagnose and treat patients. Focusing on a treatment based approach with a heavy emphasis on diet, nutrition, and mentality. These pillars of health are often overlooked but aid heavily in the healing or preventative process. To learn more about our team and approach at MetroMD email us at info@metromd.net with any questions. You can always call our office as well to schedule a more in-depth consultation with our doctors (323)-285-5300.

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