What is a High Frequency Laser?

One of the least invasive laser treatments that has far less down time than other resurfacing lasers is typically referred to as high frequency or ultra violet laser treatments. The high frequency laser is a skin care treatment used to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve tone, and may even help hair re-growth.

Who Is a Good Candidate for High Frequency Laser Treatments?

This non-ablative laser is a gentle yet effective treatment for acne, pigmentation, and anti-aging. The following skin types/ clients that may benefit the most are:

  • Patients with sensitive and acne prone skin – If a patient has active acne spots but also has sensitive skin, a sensitive a high frequency laser treatment may be better tolerated without causing additional wounds to the skin.
  • Patients that don’t want a lot of downtime – Since high-frequency laser are non-ablative and do not create small wounds that result in blistering, many people find this option to be preferred if they only need mild to moderate improvements and do not want a long healing process.

How Does a High Frequency Laser Work?

An electrical current is produced by the high frequency machine which then passes through an attachment or glass electrode when contact is made with the skin. This contact produces a healing electric light energy that also has a purifying effect, making it effective for treating active acne. When treating aging skin, the high frequency laser creates a rush of circulations which can result in cell renewal, collagen production, and improved skin texture. Since this type of laser/light treatment is more gentle, the treatment can be used as a more “healing” application.

High Frequency Laser at MetroMD

If you are looking for a gentler laser skin treatment with the ability to reduce redness and improve active acne, a high frequency laser treatment might be a great option for you. Contact MetroMD today for more information about the different laser treatment options. The professionals at MetroMD are ready to help you find a customized skin treatment plan just for you.