Low Energy Levels Caused by Hormones

Low Energy Levels Caused by Hormones

Our everyday lives can often be quite draining, typically these periods do not last longer than a couple of weeks and are due to an unusual workload or life event. As we age we will get to some point in which we don’t feel like our energy was truly what it once was. This can be due to a different lifestyle, older age, environmental factors, stress. The cause varies for many people and is not often isolated to one event or factor.

However many of these symptoms can be caused by a decrease in hormone production. HGH or human growth hormone works to restore tissues in the body, control metabolism, all while helping patients internal organs recover. An insufficient amount of HGH can lead to a decline in energy, lack of sleep, and decreased strength among other symptoms.

When a patient has low HGH or is growth hormone deficient they often experience low energy. The effects come on overtime but do play a role in the everyday quality of life for certain individuals. There is a simple way to determine if a patient is low on human growth hormone we must conduct a simple blood test. Testing for specific blood panels will help determine your levels of HGH.

If we are able to determine that the cause of low energy is due to a decline in the production of HGH we can begin to put together a plan to restore their human growth hormone levels. This process can take weeks or months as we gradually work to increase the levels of HGH in the body of a patient. Once successful a patient will see long term energy levels normalizing.

At the age of 30, our hormones start to decline. HGH can be one of these hormones, deficient most patients experience sub-par energy levels. This is due to the fact HGH helps regulate
metabolism along with the hormones that control the thyroid. When HGH is depleted metabolism decrease and ultimately energy is jeopardized.

Although other factors might affect your levels of energy such as water, nutrition and sleep it’s important to keep in mind that with age comes natural change. For some HGH might be the main cause of their symptoms and low energy levels. While for others it may be caused by other factors. It’s important to talk to your doctor if you feel that HGH is the primary cause.

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