MetroMD has the Latest Fillers for Lip Injections

Posted on December 27, 2017 by: Dei Group Consulting

We are in the age of the cosmetic fillers. It seems every month a new filler is available and designed to do something very unique. When we started it seemed there was only a couple injectable to choose from but now we have a variety. Many people ask what is the difference? Well, there are two major areas that separate these fillers from one another and that is their density (viscosity) as well as the amount of water they attracted (hydrophilic capabilities).

When it comes to lip injections we have noticed a great improvement in this area with some of the new fillers. When we inject the lips we want to use a filler that is soft and will mimic the tissue of the lips. Now we are in an era when we can choose that perfect filler that will do so. However, we also don’t want a filler that is too soft and will not allow us to augment the lips in the perfect way.

Clearly, choosing the right filler for the lips is an art. This is why it is important to only get injections with an expert injector who knows these differences between the different products. When you go in to get your injections make sure to ask lots of questions and also why the injector chose that specific product for the area being treated.