MetroMDs Immune IV to Help Fight Off Flu Season

Posted on December 6, 2017 by: Dei Group Consulting

With Flu Season amongst us, it is as important as ever to boost your immune system to ward off unwanted intruders. MetroMD has formulated an IV that can do that. Our IV cocktail has select ingredients designed to boost your immune system and fight unwanted pathogens.

Our immune cocktail is rich in Vitamin C a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals and boost immune fighting white blood cells. Along with this vitamin, a mineral named zinc and magnesium are present to fight the flu virus and shut down unwanted bacteria.

These are just a couple of the additives in our Vitamin IV drip for immunity that can help you from getting sick. Our patients are not only using these to fight flu season but also for travel. It seems many people are scared of all of the microbes in an airplane and using our Immunity drip you can help ward them off.
So, if you would like a natural alternative to fighting the cold and something a lot more potent than oral vitamins come in and try our Immunity Drip.