The Importance of Supplements and Vitamins

While it is important to eat healthy foods to obtain the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, most people can benefit from supplements and vitamins to fill in the gaps that diet may not fill. Many individuals today live with busy schedules and are surrounded by unhealthy, processed foods, both of which can lead to not getting enough nutrients.

Vitamins and nutrients are crucial in feeling your best and decreasing risk factors for many diseases. At MetroMD, we can recommend the best supplements for your body and lifestyle.

Vitamin supplementation can come in many forms from editable to intravenous. We offer a range of both here at MetroMD based on the individual and their lifestyle. IV therapy might be an effective method of vitamin supplementation for someone who constantly is on the go. While a patient who is more accustomed to cooking or having time to plan out a meal our doctors might put together a specific nutrient plan. It all varies individual to individual but it is important to keep track of your nutritional intake.


We believe that it is extremely important for both men and women to add vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements to their diets. At MetroMD, we perform comprehensive personal exams and diagnostic testing to recommend the supplements right for you. We then prescribe pharmacy-grade supplements to help meet your individual needs.

Not only can supplements provide your body with the nutritional value it needs, they can also prevent dangerous health conditions from occurring. For example, free radicals produced by our bodies due to an unhealthy lifestyle can cause stroke, heart attack, or even cancer. Supplements such as Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants can help to combat free radicals for a healthy, long life.

Benefits of Supplements and Vitamins

Supplements can help to benefit both men and women in different ways. In women, they can help to improve reproductive health, as well as help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. Men can also benefit from improved reproductive health, especially from zinc, which is essential for the production of healthy sperm.

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Taking the supplements and vitamins that your body needs can not only help you look great, but feel great as well! If you believe you may be able to benefit from an individualized supplement and vitamin plan, contact MetroMD today to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in Hollywood and Los Angeles, CA.  For more information, visit our blog page.