PRP For Hair Loss

Posted on December 27, 2017 by: Dei Group Consulting

MetroMD has been a premier center for PRP for Hair Los in Los Angeles. Over

the last decade, we have perfected protocols for restoring hair loss and thinning

utilizing a patient’s own PRP. This treatment works wonders for our patients in Los

Angeles and can be done with minimal downtime.


Well, PRP is a segment of our own blood. We obtain it by harvesting a patient’s

blood via a routine blood draw. This is then taken to our lab where it is processed

and platelets and growth factors are carefully separated out. Once this PRP is

isolated it is ready for use. We can inject this into areas of the scalp to promote hair

regrowth and thickening of current hair.


A typically treatment series requires three to six treatments. Each treatment is done

4-6 weeks apart to help ensure maximum hair growth. Even after the series of

treatments is done a patient can come back for maintenance injections to help

enhance the overall procedure.

This treatment has been one of the most sought-after treatments at MetroMD. Our

Los Angeles natives have truly enjoyed this PRP treatment for hair loss and the

success it brings.