Beverly Hills Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Posted on January 18, 2019 by: Shreyas

Like women, men also experience age-related hormone levels, including testosterone deficiency, commonly known as “Low T.” Low T is a hot topic for males today. Beginning as early as the age 30, testosterone production begins to decrease, and men lose testosterone through a process called andropause. Low testosterone can affect libido, energy levels, and sex drive. A few symptoms of Low Testosterone include: -Excess weight gain or pockets of fat in the abdomen -Hair loss -Wrinkly, deflated skin -Fatigue -Decreased libido or loss of sex drive, leading to erectile dysfunction (ED) -Anxiety, depression, and other nervous habits -Lack of mental clarity, motivation, emotion These symptoms gradually develop over time, and is related to the decrease in your body producing testosterone and progesterone, while an increase in estrogen. It may also be contributed to a decline of human growth hormone production as well. When men experience Low T, it can affect their everyday lives and productivity. If you feel you have low testosterone levels contact our office at 323-285-5300 to set up a consultation.