Treating Acne Scars with Stem Cells | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD

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Treating Acne Scars with Stem Cells | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD

Interviewer: So what brings you in today?
Richard: It brings me here, to improve my general health. Also use a non-invasive technique. I’ve been learning a lot about these procedures, and I think it’s the future. It’s impressive now, but it’s going to be this way in the next years. I was very interested to have this top-of-the-line technology instead of an invasive technology. So I’m here expecting good results for acne scars and, in general, to put my body in better condition and enjoy more life.
Interviewer: Great. How did you find out about us?

Richard: Through a search engine. I compared your web page, the answers you provide me through the email and were told that people in Florida, I think, that does the same thing. But, I found that the experience of Dr. Martin is very high in this field, and he’s the leader, probably, in this field at this point. So I decided this is the right place to do what I want to do. It’s here, with this person.

Interviewer: I see. Do you feel that you are knowledgeable about stem cell technology?
Richard: A little bit. Of course, not a scientist or anything like that, but I’ve read a lot during the last two weeks about Dr. Martin’s work and about the way, inside, a body works using this technology. It’s really amazing the way they’ve been developing this technology for the last ten years, and how Dr. Martin is at the top of the line in these types of procedures.
Interviewer: Very good. So you’re happy with the answers? Did Dr. Martin answer all of your questions and concerns about the procedure?

Richard: Absolutely. He’s a very knowledgeable person, he’s a very experienced, very easy to deal person, despite all his knowledge and experience and resume. So I feel pretty comfortable with him, and I’m pretty sure his [inaudible 00:02:28] skills are going to be there.
Interviewer: Okay, good. What are your expectations from the procedure?

Richard: On a regular laser resurface of skin, you get some results, but it’s very limited what they can do. Because they don’t go deeper in the skin to regenerate the entire skin, as with this procedure. So it will be easier to achieve this goal, because they go to the root of the problem to solve it. But, I expect the best results possible in every way.
Interviewer: Very good, very good. So you actually had your bone marrow extraction about ten minutes ago. You just came out. How was the experience, did you feel anything, any pain?

Richard: It was painless. Just feel a little bit of very, very little pain, I mean, almost nothing. So it’s not an invasive thing that caused pain. It is very nice and very quick.
Interviewer: Very good, very good. All right. Well, good luck to you Richard. We’ll talk to you soon.

Richard: Thank you very much.



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