CO2 Laser Treatment Los Angeles, CA

Have you been considering CO2 laser treatment in Los Angeles, California? You may not be aware of all its benefits. The following is a brief overview of how this process works. For more detailed information, call MetroMD to find out how this process can help you.

CO2 laser treatment Los Angles, CA residents rely on removes layers of skin, which reduces fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven coloration, scarring, dull tone, irregularities in texture, and skin laxity. CO2 laser treatment can be used on the face, neck, and chest.

CO2 laser Los Angeles, CA clients recommend at MetroMD is the best option for treatment for these type of skin issues since you get the best results with just one treatment as opposed to using topical treatments (i.e. serum, lotions, etc.) that take months before even minimal improvement may be seen). Taking the week or two for healing will give you the utmost single treatment option for the reduction of wrinkles and other advanced skin damage.

CO2 Laser Treatment in Los Angeles, CA at MetroMD

CO2 laser treatment is performed right here in our office. We do provide medications that need to be used prior to the procedure and after the procedure. Anesthetics are given before the procedure begins. Your doctor will discuss the different options of anesthetic available in your case.

Following the treatment, it may feel as if you have gotten a bad sunburn for about one to two days. It is critical to follow all of the post-treatment instructions you are provided, including any pain medications that your doctor prescribes. Your doctor will also discuss whether or not you will need someone to drive you home following the procedure, depending on the type of anesthesia and/or pain medications you receive.

In the majority of cases, only one CO2 laser treatment in Los Angeles, CA is needed. There are some situations where your doctor may recommend more than one procedure in order to obtain the best results. Clients may also need periodic maintenance treatments in order to keep the results obtained with the treatment. This is often determined based on how well the client takes care of their skin and avoids the sun in the years following the procedure. There are some areas, however, where the skin is more delicate and even with proper care may need another CO2 laser treatment within a couple of years after the initial treatment, such as the skin around the eyes.

The optimum results will not be noticeable immediately following the procedure. Over the next six months, the skin will continue to improve – as long as the client avoids the sun and engages in proper skincare routines.

If you have skin that has been damaged by the sun, irregular coloring, age spots, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, or other skin conditions that CO2 laser treatments Los Angeles, CA residents love can help with, call MetroMD to schedule a consultation with one of our seasoned doctors.