Skin Rejuvenation in Studio City with the C02 Fractional Laser

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The C02 Fractional Laser has been a very popular and effective skin treatment laser treatment here at MetroMed. The laser begins by deeply penetrating and removing the skin’s outer layer, the epidermis. Targeting a specific damage area, the CO2 laser will rejuvenate the skin one layer at a time. The resurfacing technique creates a tightening effect through collagen stimulation. As the process continues, the damaged skin will show signs of improvement by greatly reducing the appearance of acne scars, blemishes, and wrinkles.

This treatment is very effective when it comes to generating new skin by increasing collagen production. The C02 Laser works wonderfully as a scar removal or skin tightening treatment. Directly after the treatment, we want to keep all treated areas covered with topical ointment or cream provided by our staff. That night we want to ensure you are sleeping with your head slightly elevated and have a towel over your pillow to avoid smearing any cream. On the first day after the treatment, you will want to avoid any sunlight and will want to avoid using hot water when taking a shower or washing your face. We also recommend reapplying the Aquaphor to the treated area.

For the next couple of days, you should experience swelling and itching around or near the treated area this is completely normal and a part of the healing process. By day 4-7 your skin should be fairly healed with some itching and mostly exfoliating skin or peeling. This will last a couple of days as you use sunscreen and other moisturizers to keep the skin from getting dry or too much sun exposure. In the last 7-10 days following the treatment, you should see the skin return to a fairly normal state and can continue with regular daily life activities such as being out in the sun and exercising!




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