What is a Martin Threadlift?

We get a lot of patient asking us about our non-surgical facelift known as the martin lift, this is a quick and fairly painless procedure. Dr. Martin has created and patented his own non-surgical facelift technique called the Martin Lift. This procedure uses a specific kind of threads that are rooted under the skin to tighten and lift the face. The most convenient part about this procedure is that there are no incisions made. You can now have a facelift with only needles into the face during the procedure.

The Martin Threadlift is the perfect solution for patients that are looking for a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation solution. Since this procedure only involves inserting needles into the face at any time, there is very little downtime needed after receiving this treatment.

What are the Benefits?

Benefits a Wide Age Range of Ages

These non-surgical facelifts are highly effective for both men and woman ranging in ages from 40 to 70.

Facial Volume Where You Want it

With a thread lift, the facial volume is redistributed to higher points of the face where patients would typically prefer to see it rather than lower in the jowl area.

Smoother Skin

A non-surgical lift can smooth out skin that that has pre-maturely aged or has started to droop or wrinkle due to the aging process.

Minimally Invasive

Only needles and threads are used to complete the procedure so there is no need for the patient to be put under anesthesia. Also, since there aren’t incisions made or anesthesia, there isn’t a lot of downtime needed. Patients will usually be recovered within 3-5 days.

Immediate Results

Since there isn’t as much swelling and bruising as a traditional surgical facelift patients can enjoy more immediate results. The threads are put into position right away so patients will see a more lifted look immediately after the procedure but full results can be seen after the swelling reduces.

The Martin Threadlift at MetroMD

Non-surgical facelifts by Dr. Martin in Los Angeles are perfect if you’re looking for a minimally invasive way to rejuvenate the skin and get a lift for a more youthful appearance. If you are interested in a Martin Thread lift, contact MetroMD today to schedule a consultation. MetroMD looks forward to help you find a customized treatment plan for all of your anti-aging needs.  For more information, visit our blog.