HCG Therapy, Los Angeles, CA

At MetroMD, we offer our clients the opportunity to access the HCG therapy in our office located in Los Angeles, CA. We know that most people are looking to achieve optimal results by accessing weight loss programs. Have you been dreaming of finally reaching your goal weight? Not only is maintaining a healthy weight important for your overall well-being, it can also provide you with a significant boost to your self-esteem. 

Learn More About Our Los Angeles, CA HCG Therapy 

The HCG diet consists of three phases, generally, our patients experience significant weight loss during this short period of time. While results can vary, many patients may find that they lose up to 1-2 pounds per day. Our doctors can help oversee you during your time undergoing the HCG diet in Los Angeles, CA to ensure safe and optimal results. HCG, is a hormone that is present in early pregnancy, however, therapeutic doses administered by a doctor, in combination with a low calorie diet can actually help suppress the appetite and aid in weight loss. 

A Process That Works

Follow the plan and the HCG Therapy available at MetroMD in Los Angeles, CA really is a process that works for our patients. While most diets involve some form of calorie restriction, the HCG diet truly believes that less is more. Meaning, the fewer food options available to you, the easier the “prescription” is able to follow. Our Los Angeles, California HCG diet involves 4 phases: 

Phase One, Loading

The loading phase lasts for two days. During this period of time, patients will indulge in eating high-calorie, high-fat foods. When loading, it’s important that you stay as full as possible. We recommend that you eat as many “clean” foods during this period of time as possible, such as:

  • Nuts
  • Cheeses
  • Bacon
  • Meats
  • Butter
  • Avocado
  • Olives
  • Full Fat Greek Yogurt

Filling yourself with these high fat food options, can help to make the start of the Los Angeles, CA HCG diet as seamless as possible. Eating these foods while also taking HCG supplements or injections can help prepare your body for weight loss. 

Phase Two, Eating Clean

This is when the magic happens. Phase two usually occurs over the course of 21-45 days. During this period of time, you are eating a very low-calorie diet. While your caloric intake can vary, on average patients ingest around 500 calories per day. You can expect to eat two meals per day, in addition to two fruits. During the HCG diet in Los Angeles, CA you will be limited to a specific list of foods, including: 

  • Apples
  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Lemons/Limes
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber 
  • Onion
  • Cabbage
  • Radishes
  • White Fish
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Shrimp

During phase two, buckle up and get ready to start losing! MetroMD is ready to provide you with all of your HCG diet weight loss needs in Los Angeles, California. 

Phase 3, Weight Stabilization

Once you begin phase three, your primary goal is to stabilize your weight. This is essential to ensuring that your body resets following such significant weight loss. We look at this as a science experiment so to speak, meaning you will carefully track your weight when adding foods back in to determine what types of food work best for you. When adding foods back in, it’s important that you continue to avoid sugary, starchy foods. 

The HCG diet available at our Los Angeles, CA practice is more than a fad, it’s a way of finally losing the weight you have been struggling with. We believe that through this diet, our clients are able to effectively change their lifestyles, achieve the results they are looking for, and maintain them for the long term. For immediate results, contact MetroMD to schedule your first appointment to discuss the HCG diet at our Los Angeles, CA office today. 

Sticking to Your Plan

It can be hard to make and keep consistent healthy dietary choices. Sometimes it’s just too easy to throw that frozen dinner in the microwave or pass through the drive-thru when you have a hectic schedule. But it almost never fails that once you’ve woofed down that fast food burger and fries, you suddenly feel as if you’ve eaten a lead balloon.

Then there are times when you are following healthy eating habits, yet you just are not seeing any of the results you think you should be seeing.

If this sounds like you, the following may be able to help explain why you aren’t getting the results you want. For more detailed information, call MetroMD to schedule a meeting with one of our nutritional counselors to learn more about the HCG diet in Los Angeles, CA.

Trying Too Hard

As crazy as it sounds, sometimes when we do “too” much, this can actually have a negative impact on our health goals. For example, a person who participates in intense exercise workouts may find themselves dragging, with no desire to eat at all. But not eating after such intense activity actually steals the fuel the body needs to turn all the workout effort into the results the person is working out for. This is one reason why the HCG diet offered in Los Angeles, CA is designed to help avoid this trap. 


If your stress levels are high, or you are struggling with worry or anxiety, the impact on your healthy habits can be substantial. Many people do not realize that they stress eat and often the food they choose to eat is not the most nutritious. Stress can also sap us of ay motivation to working out and some people even struggle with back pain, neck pain, or headaches, all triggered by stress or anxiety. If you are on the Los Angeles, CA HCG diet, your nutritional counselor will work with you to come up with ways to alleviate stress in your life. 

Not Enough Sleep

The majority of adults in this country do not get enough sleep each night. But sleep is critical to staying healthy. It is when our bodies heal and recover. Not sleeping enough cuts into the healing and recovery, which interferes with any benefits a healthy diet and exercise should provide. 

Would You Like to Learn More About the HCG Diet in Los Angeles, CA?

There are many types of symptoms and conditions people suffer that could be alleviated with the help of proper nutrition. If you are dealing with health issues caused by an unhealthy diet, or want to be proactive in preventing health issues, let our team help.

We can also help if you are working toward a healthy goal but having a hard time sticking to your plan of nutritious eating and exercise. Working with a nutritional counselor may be just what you need to help stay on track.

If you are suffering from chronic pain or other health conditions that you cannot find relief from, or just want to begin a healthier way of living, call MetroMD today to schedule a visit with a nutritional counselor and find out how the HCG diet Los Angeles clients recommend can work for you.