Acne Specialist Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills

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MetroMD is the premier acne specialist in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Their acne treatments are designed to get rid of acne and the left over signs of acne. Many people come to MetroMD after having tried everything. Every skincare line, peel, mask, food, etc.  However, MetroMD before and after has developed a 3 month program to get ride of Acne.


As a acne specialist MetroMD uses antibiotics, acne facials, specially picked at home treatments, and Acne killing lasers. This is the first stage of the treatment. After the active acne is gone MetroMD combines CO2 Laser with micro needling to get rid of any left over signs of acne.

So, if you are someone experiencing mild to severe acne give MetroMD a call and speak to one of our acne specialist about how you can finally get acne free.

Acne Specialist los angeles, ca

acne specialist in hollywood, los angeles, and beverly hills

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