Arthritis Treatment Options with Stem Cell Therapy

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Mesenchymal stem cells, or MSC are stem cells that have been developed from other cells in the body. Typically they have been cultured from bone marrow, but new research is opening up other supply lines that are even less invasive. MSC stem cell therapy is likely to be the next great thing in arthritic treatments. This break-through technology represents a more permanent solution to the medical enigma of catastrophic collagen loss and resultant chronic joint pain that arthritis sufferers know all too well.

Arthritis is a painful result of the loss of collagen which lubricates bone joints. As the lubricant dissipates, bone joints rub together, causing permanent damage and chronic pain. Historically, this has been treated daily with pain killers containing chemicals such as opiates or acetaminophen. Some patients were offered longer-term shots that dulled the pain for several months.

Through revolutionary techniques new stem cells, the primordial cells from which all others originate can now be introduced where collagen has dissipated. Replacement collagen cells grow with a renewed vigor and replace the lost lubricant with young, vibrant cells. MSC stem cell therapy may not only reduce or eliminate arthritis pain, it might permanently eliminate the condition that causes arthritis.



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