Athletes Like Kobe and Manning Turn to Stem Cells to Heal

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Without the advancements made in stem cell therapy, an athlete recovery time could take weeks or even months, and some athletes are not able to resume their career at all. Professional sports players have been investigating alternative treatment methods that will lead to shorter recovery time.

Many athletes are injured on the field, and many become unable to return until they have completed a series of therapeutic sessions such as physical or occupational therapy. What stem cell therapy do is cut the recovery time in half, by aiding the body to heal quicker.

As with any treatment method the possibility of risks exist. Athletes who choose stem cell therapy can receive treatment in the United States at any of the stem cell clinics around the world. It is a total new form of therapy that treats the degenerative joints, ligaments and muscles.

Cells taken from athletes own body and reinserted actually stimulates regeneration of tendons and cartilages without the need for surgery. The treatment is non-invasive, does not require surgery, and can be performed in a medical office setting.



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