B12 Injections with MetroMD Los Angeles, Why our Shots are Better

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Los Angeles natives are huge advocates in health. Many of our LA clients are always looking for vitamin injections especially B12 shots. However, they come into our clinic and ask what is different about or b12 shots? The answer, is a lot.

When finding your B12 injections provider in Los Angeles makes sure you ask what type of B12 they use. Basically there are two main types cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin. methylcobalamin is the bioactive version and is better to take. However for this clinic is cost more so many clinic do not offer this type of B12.

Second, at MetroMD Los Angeles B12 shots are highly concentrated. This means less volume = More B12. Basically you are injecting less water and the same amount of B12. This higher concentrated B12 allows for a more comfortable injection.

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