Botox for TMJ

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When you think of Botox you most likely do not associate it with a medical treatment. Although it does has many uses as a neuromodulator outside of the cosmetic realm. This is because the effects of Botox limit muscle function and movement this is what creates the wrinkle-free look most people are seeking when wanting Botox treatment.

This effect can be very useful for those who suffer from muscle related pains in the face such as TMJ. TMJ also known as Temporomandibular joint disorder is a common disorder associated with jaw tension and discomfort. Many patients experience these symptoms late and night or while asleep. Only to wake up with a very sore and tender jaw.

Botox had been used to minimize this feeling of lockjaw and can relieve tension in the jaw line muscles. At MetroMD we have seen a few patients who have sought out Botox for the sole purpose of treating their TMG. The results typically last anywhere from 3-5 months based on the patient’s metabolism and the number of units used to treat them.

If you suffer from tension headaches or have been diagnosed with TMJ Botox could be useful alternative to the pain. Contact us today with any questions about Botox or to book your appointment!

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