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Botox – What Does Botox Look Like? | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD – See the procedure and technology first hand with Dr. Alex Martin right here. Schedule a consultation today ►

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Botox – What Does Botox Look Like? | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD

Hello, my name is Doctor Alex Martin and I will be telling you today some information about Botox. Many of you have heard of Allergan’s product, Botox. This is a very useful tool in cosmetic dermatology. We have a very fine volunteer here who’s going to be receiving the Botox. We’ll be treating some horizontal lines, as well as the fine lines around his eyes.
I’ve just mixed a fresh vial of Botox. It comes as a desiccated powder, frozen, and we add a diluent, which is a liquid, a sterile liquid. I am drawing it up now. You’ll see I’m drawing up what we call 50 units in this syringe.

We’ll replace the drawing syringe with an injection syringe and I’m going to target now this horizontal line. Here we go, go ahead and ice, here we go. Okay, we’re icing the tissues so we can reduce bruising, now we cleanse again and I’m injecting just below the horizontal line. What we’re going to be doing is relaxing the muscle below the line, so the muscle above the line will lift and it will straighten out the line as well as give the patient a slight lift in the eyebrow area.

The next area we will be targeting is just about the eyes. These are fine lines in here and our patient has just had a wonderful laser treatment which has resurfaced his skin, but we do need to look at the deep lines.

Okay, go ahead and ice please. Here we go, we’re going to be icing on the fine lines on the side here, there we go. Thank you. Smile for me. I’m targeting the orbicularis oris muscle around the eyes, and you can see the Botox is targeting those area, now ice there.

It is very important to ice before and after injections so that we can reduce bruising. Ice right here, good, do the same think on this side, ready. Got it, one more time, once again. Ice again and that’s all there is to injecting Botox. It’s a safe treatment, it’s something I recommend and in two weeks time he should have no wrinkles at all.



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