Can Adults Grow on HGH Therapy?

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Are adults able to grow on hgh therapy? Many people may not know that the innovative HGH injections that individuals get to stop the early signs of aging are also widely used to help patients who have been diagnosed with dwarfism.

Dwarfism is a condition that causes short stature in both children and adults. While it is not a disablig condition, it can be caused by several different medical issues and may be an inconvinience to those with the issue. HGH therapy has been proven to help improve the growth status of these individuals if they take the injections between the ages of 1 and 6 years. The injections are performed at home and are simple to administer.

There has not been a lot of research performed on the long-term effects of taking hgh injections. Right now, experts suggest that anyone with dwarfism who is interested in human growth hormone therapy have it administered during their youth while they are still technically growing.

As more research is performed on the hormone, experts hope to see improvements in the effects of hgh and dwarfism so that those born with the condition can look forward to living a long and healthy life.



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