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If you have problems with your joints or have another common injury, you may be in a lot of pain. Every time you move, you may feel a stinging sensation. You may not want to see a specialist in Los Angeles because you dont want to go under the knife. This is perfectly normal, but thanks to a cell therapy specialist, you dont have to worry about being operated on at all.

A cell therapy specialist can use adult stem cells and blood platelet treatments for different types of injuries, such as osteoarthritis. By taking your own stem cells or PRP, the specialist will be able to help you heal. These professionals know what they are doing, so you don’t have to worry about receiving treatment the wrong way. These stem cell treatments do not hurt at all, and they can help you manage pain better. This improves your overall quality of life.

Some tissues that these cell therapy treatments can help include ligaments, tendons, bone, and even spinal discs. Whatever problem you are suffering from, these cell treatments will help alleviate the pain, so you can live a normal life again. One doctor, in particular, that can perform these treatments safely is Dr. Alex Martin. This doctor is a certified physician under CLINICell technologies. He will ensure your pain is managed in an effective, safe way

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