CO2 Laser Therapy for Hyperpigmentation in Los Angeles

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Traditional CO2 lasers have have been use for over two decades. This method was primarily used o treat skin pigmentation at extremely high levels, and was less effective, risky. The recent introduction of fractional laser technology has moved laser treatment to another level, where fractional lasers direct small columns of laser to target skin areas, leaving your skin intact to lower the chances of longer healing periods. This method uses Lumenis Ultrapulse, which is a fractional carbon dioxide lasers that are suitable for all types of skins.

This technique is advantageous in the sense that the laser can be tailored to eliminate skin pigmentation for any type of problem without affecting the other skin around the affected areas. When the fractional laser is administered, it enhances the lines under the affected skin such as areas around the lips, under the eyes. Compared to Fraxel laser treatments, CO2 laser treatment delivers the desired results by shrinking the pores around the skin, reducing the pigmentation and eliminating the lines, roughness, scars, leaving your skin radically improved.

This treatment also reduces pigmentation y stimulating collagen growth to help improve the appearance of the skin for up to six months after the treatment. For better results, this treatment can be repeated after a few months, though most people will like the results after the first procedure.

Who are not recommended for this treatment?

Pregnant, breastfeeding mothers are discouraged from undergoing this procedure. People with keloid scars and patients who are on isotretinoin or who have been on this medication in the last six months should not go for it.



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