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Compression Recovery is a form of sports recovery treatment that activates blood flow and helps reduce stiffness/soreness in the legs and other parts of the body. It works by using compression like garments that are activated with air compression and pressure. The retraction and application of compression continuously helps to stimulate blood flow to the region. Compression recovery can be applied to many parts of the body; such as head/neck, back, and shoulders, but it’s typically used on the legs as they are the most common sore or stiff body part.’

Compression recovery is not new and has been used by sports trainers and athletes as a form of physical sports recovery. However, you do not need to be a professional athlete to get the same benefits. For working professionals or anyone who is heavy on their feet trying compression recovery can be a great way to release tension and pain built up in your legs.

This treatment is effective for removing stasis blood from the legs. Statis blood is known to cause RLS or restless leg syndrome along with pain, and inflammation in the legs. The compression boots help remove the stagnant blood while applying pressure to the built up lactic acid.

By breaking apart the lactic acid the compression recovery helps reduce soreness. Compression recovery is also very peaceful and meditative. We are proud to offer our own compression recovery boots here at MetroMD. This treatment can be done in as quick as 20 minutes! Call us today for more information 323-285-5300.

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