Compression Recovery Boots for your Legs

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Compression recovery is a popular trend amongst trainers and athletes. This form of recovery involves air compression around muscles and joints. Compression recovery boots are used for recovering and rejuvenating the legs. This treatment is also known as the Peristaltic Pulse Dynamic Compression system.

It works by filling the air chambers in the boots with air causing it to compress your legs. It starts at your feet then crawls up to your lower and upper leg. The compression of your legs results in more pressure in the veins, this improves the venous return of waste and blood flow.

The lactic acid that has built up in your bloodstream and in your muscles when the production of it exceeds its own clearance rate. This will give the burning sensation you get during high-intensity training or workouts. Recovery boots speed up the clearance of lactic acid and help improve blood flow through your legs.

Although this sounds like a great recovery for athletes it’s also very common amongst those who are working on their feet or are heavily active. Recovery compression systems are becoming more and more widespread amongst everyday people who aren’t necessarily training for anything but do feel the burden of work and life through the tension in their legs.

At MetroMD we offer recovery compression in addition to other forms of muscular therapy. The recovery boots are used on a session basis ranging from 20-30 minutes a session.

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