Dot CO2 Laser Rejuvenate Skin and Enhances Appearance

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Dot fractional Co2 therapy is an advanced non-surgical skin treatment techniques. Co2 has been effectively used to treat deeper wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, traumatic scars, surgical marks, and even blotched skins.

Dermatologists may use dot fractional Co2 therapy to improve skin texture in areas such as face, neck, legs and arms. Co2 lasers penetrate deeper into human skin, so they will always give better results than any other form of laser treatment.

How Fractional Co2 Laser Regenerates Skin

Fractional Co2 laser beams are composed of thousands of tiny shafts of light. The shafts penetrate deeper into damaged skin layers. The deep Co2 laser penetration will then push out damaged skin and replace it with new skin.

You can maintain the excellent results of Co2 laser therapy for many years especially if you protect the treated skin from extreme sun-heat by wearing hats. Co2 treatment can regenerate your skin within 3- 14 days. However, the full benefits of dot fractional Co2 therapy are visible in 3-6 months.



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