Erectile Dysfunction ED Treatment with HGH and Testosterone

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Erectile Dysfunction ED Treatment with HGH and Testosterone

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem many men face as they age. The human body goes through a number of unfortunate metabolic changes as a result of the natural aging process. The natural decrease in Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and testosterone produced by the body can contribute to erectile dysfunction related problems and issues. For those men who are over the age of 40 and experiences these unwanted changes, questions arise about whether or not HGH and testosterone therapy can be employed to restore proper sexual vigor.

While different men are going to experience different results when they undergo these therapeutic treatments it is true that positive results have been achieved by increasing testosterone and HGH levels.

The hormone testosterone helps with metabolic functions such as muscle building, bone growth, and, yes, sexual function. In some cases, erectile dysfunction could be the direct result of low levels of testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy can serve as an excellent means of treating ED if the cause of the problem is low testosterone. So, if the erectile dysfunction is the result of, say, an injury, then testosterone replacement therapy is not likely to have much effect. Testosterone replacement therapy can help reverse problems associated with lowered levels. These problems may include erectile dysfunction.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) also plays a role in a man’s libido and sexual performance. When HGH levels drop, scores of metabolic woes can emerge. Among them can be difficulty maintaining an erection. As with testosterone replacement therapy, HGH can help reverse problems associated with erectile dysfunction. Interestingly, HGH injections might also be able to increase libido since lowered levels of HGH can undermine sex drive. As with testosterone replacement, the decrease in HGH has to be a cause of ED in order for HGH injections to have any effect.

Of course, both HGH injections and testosterone replacement therapy have to be administered by a physician.



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