Fat Transfer for Facial Volume in Los Angeles

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Fat Transfer for Facial Volume in Los Angeles

Many people are under the impression that visible facial aging is caused mainly by wrinkles. In fact, one of the main things that makes older people look older in the first place in the loss of facial fat. this is the sort of change that can even make people in their thirties look different from people in their twenties: having a fuller face is strongly associated with youth. Older people take take decades off of their faces through the use of fat transfer.

Since people are going to be using their own fat as part of the fat transfer process, their bodies are significantly less likely to reject the transferred tissue. Most people are able to accept the transferred tissue easily. Cosmetic surgeons are easily able to inject the transferred fat into a part of the face where it is going to significantly reduce a person’s visible age.

Fat that is transferred in this manner is less likely to be lost through normal weight fluctuations than the fat that would form there naturally, but people who get this procedure should still be cautious about weight fluctuations for that reason. Weight fluctuation in general is very likely to cause the face to prematurely age anyway, and a lot of people in that situation end up losing a great deal of the fat in their faces during their weight fluctuations. Weight maintenance helps promote health in many different ways, particularly with regards to fighting aging. The fat transfer procedure helps demonstrate the importance of avoiding hollow features when it comes to eternal youth.

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