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Botox has already made its ways to Salon for smoothing wrinkles and to treating those frown lines near the eyes. However, Botox works much more beyond just the facial rejuvenation. See how.

Mend migraines

Lately, FDA gives nod for Botox injections for preventing migraines. Nearly 12% of Americans suffer from chronic headaches that cause tingling pain and affect their daily chores. The US institution further explains that patients with acute migraine experience a headache more than 14 days of the month. The condition, if not treated timely, can significantly affects family, work, and social life, so it becomes imperative to have innovative regenerative medicine that holds the promise to cure the ailment without any adverse effects.

Treats Facial asymmetries

Botox is gaining consideration attention for wrinkle-fillers among Hollywood bigwigs Botulinum toxin is combined with other cosmetic skin procedures to counter the facial asymmetries around eyebrows, curing frown lines. The therapy was extended and officially approved back in 2010 in US to treat muscle stiffness in the elbows, wrists and finger muscles. You can visit the licensed Botox clinic Hollyowod for complete treatment.

Appeases arthritis pain

Botox Injections appear to reduce arthritis pain in knee, shoulder, and hip. Botox treatment is revolutionary chronic pain treatment. A single injection of the new Botox formula treats arthritis and cancer without causing any adverse effects. Besides, other treatment options for arthritic patient are exercise, weight loss options, and medication.

Excessive sweating

Botox is the most favorite option of celebrities for varied reasons as to its ability to smooth wrinkles but now it is also used to prevent the excessive sweating. The cosmetic treatment is actually a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The ability to paralyze is what makes it useful in fixing furrows and treats excessive sweating.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons proclaimed that an estimated 15 million procedures were done back in 2012, an increase of 5% from 2011. Overall, non-invasive treatments accounted for 13 million procedures in 2012, while female cosmetic surgeries like bust augmentation, tummy tuck, facelifts were some of the most performed procedures in 2012.

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