HGH and Testosterone Therapy in San Fernando Valley: Studio City, Encino, Sherman Oaks and More

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Growth Hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, which is a tiny body at the base of the brain that acts as the powerhouse for our growth through childhood. However, the pituitary gland begins to slow down once we approach middle age. This natural process results in many of the signs we associate with

Human Growth Hormone is described by many as the key to slowing the aging process: declining energy, decreasing sex drive, increased fat and a depletion of mood.

If this process didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have stories that tell tales of a “fountain of youth”. So, what’s the fountain of youth that we can actually experience here on Earth?

It’s been a long time coming, but hormone therapy offers us the opportunity to increase health and longevity by replacing lost hormones and optimizing adult men’s hormone balance as they age.

Our practice of HGH in Studio City and HGH in the San Fernando Valley has proven to optimize the hormones to boost energy, increase sex drive, reduce fat and improve mood, which our patients report help them live better and longer lives. They look and feel younger.

Unlike the fountain of youth analogy, HGH and Testosterone is a real and clinically tested solution for youthful energy and vitality. The natural aging slowdown has prompted a greater interest in the use of synthetic and natural (bio-identical) human growth hormone (HGH) to stave off the realities of old age.

Through years of research it has been determined that the best to deter the aging process, our experts of testosterone in San Fernando Valley and Studio City, distill healthy aging into 5 essential lifestyle choices: diet, exercise, (HRT) Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutrition (including anti-aging supplements), and stress management.

See? Healthy aging is possible!

While you can never be guaranteed a life free of illness or disease, you can still take measures that naturally aid your body in slowing down the effects of diminished pituitary gland action on aging. In doing so, you can also take control of age-related degenerative illnesses. When you’re looking for HGH Studio City or HGH San Fernando Valley solutions, give us a call.

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