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Dr Martin is a pioneer in the field of medicine, a specialist in human growth hormone. His research focuses on regenerative medicines such as stem cell therapy.

Dr Alex Martin graduated from of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He then went on to complete his post graduate degree at The University of South California School of Medicine in 1972; thus completing his MD degree at UCLA Internal Medicine Medical-Surgical Program in 1973. Dr Martin delved further into the field at the University of Bordeaux where he conducted research on HGH and other anti-aging hormones.

After obtaining greater knowledge overseas, he returned to the USA. He then co-founded the Friendly Hills Medical Group in the county of Los Angeles in the mod 70s. This lead on to 20 years of clinical work and research and became a pioneer in fully fledged research on HGH studies. He garnered further degrees at UCLA then opened a private clinic based on anti-aging practice in Newport Beach, California.

Dr Martin became the first doctor in the region to prescribe HGH fr paediatric patients who suffered from delayed growth. This is something that many doctors would later follow suit with.

As of 2009, his name had become well respected throughout the fields of medicine and he opened an HGH clinic in the heart of Hollywood. To this day, his reputation and dedication are respected by all who know of him.



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