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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) causes A GREAT MANY CHANGES TO TAKE PLACE when we start adding it back to the mix of hormones in our bodies as an anti-aging defense once we think we’ve reached the age of retirement.

In the place of that chronic, background fatigue we’ve experienced since we were forty, suddenly an astonishing energy comes to us out of nowhere once we add HGH Therapy for Anti-Aging. We recognize that great surge of energy as the same we had when we were last in our twenties! Gone is being out of wind when we climb a flight of stairs. Gone is the feeling that all we’d like to do is take a nap during lunch. Gone is the depression we are used to feeling every morning as we awake between 5 and 6 AM  and gone is that desire to stay home and sit by the TV once we start our course of HGH hormone replacement therapy.

As a senior starting HGH therapy, you discover that you are surprised at how interesting the bodies of other people suddenly have become lately. You start to notice that really good-looking thirty-something in shorts or that really shapely, forty-something who, you can tell, has to work out four or five times a week to look THAT good. Yes, it’s back and it’s called LIBIDO! This time with HGH,  it’s coming back stronger than ever.

Our old friend, LIBIDO or Sex Drive returns to us after years of vacation because, when we take hormone replacement therapy, the HGH exerts a strong influence on the neuro-transmitters of the brain. It signals those parts of the brain concerned with socializing and sexuality and it begins to wake them up and makes them pay attention to passing stimuli once again!

Of even more interest is what HGH does to muscles and to fat in the sixty-plus year-old body. After applying HGH therapy and starting on a new exercise plan, you suddenly begin to see your muscles better defined and clearly larger that they were last year. Arms and legs look much stronger and midriff fat starts to vanish after only six weeks of HGH therapy coupled with regular exercise in weight-training and cardio-vascular exercise.

When we measure the muscle-to-fat ratio by electronic means in individuals over 60, we discover that the seniors taking HGH therapy have 30 percent more muscle after only 12 weeks of HGH therapy than persons of the same age who exercise regularly but without the help of hormone replacement therapy.

We are learning now that individuals who exercise regularly and who maintain a healthy diet with HGH replacement therapyare starting to live far longer and more independently by more than 10 years that their counterparts who do not exercise regularly and maintain a healthy life style of a diet with fewer fats and simple carbohydrates.

Gerontologists are predicting life-expectancies of 120-150 years for the generations retiring over the next 2 decades. Logic suggests that, if we are to live 30 to 40 percent longer, we need to think about the quality of life during the many additional years added to our life-spans.

If we are 80 or 90 years of age and we still have 50 to 60 years ahead of us, we should think about how we can keep ourselves independent and as strong as possible without incurring the disabilities of great age.

HGH hormone replacement therapy is without question the anti-aging answer to this potential problem.

Staying strong and independent during this long period of life extension before us makes life worth living. Without a good quality of life, it does not make sense to live beyond 80 or 90 years. HGH is the anti-aging tool to avoid the frailty and the disability which great age brings. Hormone replacement therapy will help to keep us active and will help us avoid reduced activity and sedentary living which naturally arrive once our life-spans have reached far beyond our retirement years!

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