HGH Side Affects

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HGH therapy can be very beneficial to patients who are HGH deficient. Patients have shown great improvement in many areas of their lives after HGH therapy administered by a physician.

    • Cardiovascular Function


Patients have seen great improvement in their cardiovascular function and even in the capacity to exercise after having received HGH therapy. These patients have seen improved oxygen uptake and increased skeletal mass.

    • Body Composition


Studies show that patients who were HGH deficient have seen wonderful results after their therapy. There were profound changes in body composition such as reducing fat mass and increasing lean body mass. Patients significantly lost weight as a result of having HGH therapy.

    • Lipid Metabolism


HGH replacement has a beneficial effect on lipids. In a recent study LDL cholesterol was shown to be reduced in patients taking this therapy and it was directly as a result of the therapy.

    • Bone Density


Studies also showed that bone density has increased significantly because of HGH therapy. Patients are able to exercise and function properly after HGH replacement therapy because skeletal function is increased exponentially.

    • Psychological Function


Clinical trials have also shown that psychological function in patients receiving HGH therapy have improved greatly. These conditions are caused by a lack of HGH in the system. However when replacement therapy is given, these conditions can even be reversed.

There are bad side effects associated with HGH but this is through personal use and abuse. Under the care of a physician who administers the therapy in proper dosing there are diminished side effects that are possible. Studies show that HGH in large doses in patients that do not have HGH deficiency are one cause of these side effects. The other studies indicate that HGH is dangerous when not administered by a physician.



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