HGH Therapy Before and After

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The benefits of HGH therapy can change your life in various ways. The balances should be weighed so that you can receive the most out of HGH therapy. There are many studies done on HGH and the clinical studies effectively state great things in patients after therapy.

    • Before HGH Therapy

People with growth hormone deficiency suffer certain things that can be adjusted and balanced with HGH. HGH deficient patients can experience bone loss and weight gain and have heart problems due to the lack of the human growth hormone in their bodies. Muscle mass and strength are also diminished in HGH deficient patients. Cardiovascular function and lipid metabolism are also affected due to the lack of HGH in the system.

    • After HGH Therapy

Patients who have received this therapy when they have HGH deficiency have seen significant improvement in their lives. Many studies suggest that HGH can profoundly change body composition and reduce fat mass while increasing lean muscle mass. HGH replacement can also have great results with lipids and even reduce LDL cholesterol.

Bone Density is improved dramatically because HGH can stimulate osteoblast proliferation. Improvements in patient’s ability to exercise were also a benefit because cardiac function was vastly improved as a result of HGH therapy. Patients have also seen a higher rate of recovery in psychological function as a result of HGH therapy.

Studies show that there are many benefits to this therapy for HGH deficient individuals. HGH therapy can be a life changing experience for those who suffer with this condition. For those who suffer low HGH in their systems this therapy can greatly increase their quality of life.


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