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HIV has affected the lives of thousands over the past few decades.  This virus quickly invades the body and destroys a patients immune system, tissues and ultimately their body. Gradually HIV deteriorates muscle, increases body fat, and practically eliminates ones immune system. So how can a patient with HIV help combat these symptoms? The simple answer is Human Growth Hormone Therapy or more commonly known as HGH.

HGH therapy most often is highlighted in the athletic world where athletes are using this hormone to gain size and athletic ability.  This may raise a question for many patients, why would a medicine used in sports be used for HIV patients? To simply answer this concern Human Growth Hormone will work the same in athletes as it does HIV patients.  HGH is responsible for promoting lean tissue growth specifically muscle, ligament and tendon tissues as well as decreasing visceral fat mass.  These affects can dramatically improve an HIV patients quality of life.

In the American Medical Association Journal a publication was released comparing the affects of HIV patients taking HGH as therapy and HIV patients not using HGH for therapy.  In this study 55 patients were examined over an 18-month course.  Half of them were given HGH daily and the other half administered a placebo daily.  After the course of their treatment the patients taking Human Growth Hormone had less muscles wasting, less visceral body fat and decreased triglyceride levels.  HGH helped these patients decrease their symptoms that are associated with HIV infection.

Clearly Human Growth Hormone has an outstanding role in helping maintain an HIV patients body composition.  But there are many other benefits that can also be gained from HGH therapy.  Often times an HIV patient can have decreased energy from the medication they are on as well from the infection itself.  Human growth hormone stimulates the release of energy at the cellular level in the form of ATP.  Once ATP is increased throughout cells across the body the patients lethargic condition is eradicated.

Anyone that currently has HIV or knows someone with HIV should consider HGH therapy.  This simple once a day injection can help combat many of the negative symptoms associated with the infection.  Once a patient receives Human Growth Hormone therapy it can help them live a more productive and better way of life.

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