HGH Therapy for Noonan Syndrome Children Treatment

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In the case of children, Noonan Syndrome is a genetic disorder that stunts the growth of various parts of the body. The origin of the disease is a form of genetic mutation that can be inherited from one parent as a copied affected gene. Also, Noonan Syndrome can be a stand alone mutation with no family history involved.

A type of treatment that’s presently in use is Human Growth Hormone. The specific type of HGH used in the treatment of Noonan Syndrome is somatotropin. It is a peptide hormone, which are protein based. Proteins perform several functions within living organisms. They are very useful in transforming molecules from one location to another.

A key element in peptide hormones are amino acids. Their key elements are carbon, hydrogen, oxegon, and nitrogen. These are the second largest components of muscles, cells, and other tissues. They are a very important part of the body’s genetic code.

In the treatment of Noonan syndrome, somatotropin is used to give daily injections of HGH. Most of the time , children are able to tolerate proper injections without any serious side effects. However, some temporary soreness, skin irritation, and redness may occur.
While the treatment will not aid in a cure, it can lead to more growth and development in the child.



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