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HGH therapy is the best treatment we have in 2018 to increase muscle mass. Since 2002 when clinicians observed post-operative muscle healing was faster when HGH was applied, over the past decade and a half we have learned a great deal about the reasons this occurs. Unlike steroids, HGH increases the absolute cell count within a muscle. The number of cells goes up as the muscle grows whereas with steroids — Testosterone and its analogs — the muscle just swells up and “deflates” as soon as the steroid is stopped. In the early 2000’s it was discovered that individuals suffering from “WASTING disorders” benefited from early HGH intervention. Now, in 2018 we know HGH is beneficial to healthy individuals who are aging at a rapid rate and who are seeing muscle wasting over time. It is a good time to think about preserving your muscle tissue about 35-45 years of age because with every decade 10 percent of our muscle mass turns to fat with the aging process. HGH slows that process way down and protects our muscles like a suit of armor.

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