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At MetroMD we have seen that Women who reach middle age experience a natural decline in the production of human growth hormone (HGH). When entering the phase of menopause there is a combination of hormonal changes that can throw the normal processes of the systems in the body to tailspin.

Some women go through a period marked by uncomfortable symptoms and physical changes which range from mild to extreme, some even debilitating. The use of Hormone Therapy can aid in reducing the discomfort which results from these hormonal shifts as well as improves general health.

Women produce higher levels of HGH than men. The reason that it does not translate into more muscle mass is that men produce more testosterone than women and there is more of a correlation between testosterone and muscle mass. As women begin to produce less estrogen, there is often an array of physical changes such as thinning hair, brittle fingernails, loss of elasticity in the skin and other tissues, loss of muscle and bone mass and increase in body fat. These are just a few of the most common symptoms.

Many women choose to use natural supplements to help replace the estrogen which is lost during menopause. In addition to this, treatments of synthetic HGH for women can help to address many of the symptoms which appear during this stage of life. HGH has been shown to improve the development of muscle mass and decrease the amount of fat stored in the body. When combined with estrogen replacement therapy, HGH for women helps to bring the body chemistry back into a more normal balance which alleviates the majority of the symptoms which are associated with an aging body. The improvements in fingernail and hair health, skin and tissue elasticity and muscle mass are notable.

Our bodies do most of their repair work as we sleep throughout the night. Decreases in HGH limit the body’s ability to make the needed repairs at a cellular level. This is why some women notice that their skin and hair are not as healthy as they once were. The decreases in estrogen and HGH combine to limit the body’s ability to regenerate the needed new cells to replace old or damaged ones. HGH for women in conjunction with estrogen replacement whether in their synthetic or natural forms addresses these issues.

HGH is also known to improve sleep patterns which further enhances our body’s ability to renew itself. HGH treatments can help women more easily glide through the stages of menopause with less discomfort and a better sense of well-being. For more information regarding human growth hormone, consult with the expert physicians at MetroMD.

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