How to Cycle Testosterone, the MetroMD Way

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Testosterone replacement therapy is used to replenish the testosterone supply that decreases as a man ages. After the age of 50, most men begin to decrease their production of testosterone. Men may notice a decrease in their sex drive and dysfunction in their ability to perform the sexual act. Some men experience declining strength and a gradual decrease in muscle mass. Sometimes the abdomen area increases in width and girth, often referred to as a pot belly. There may be mood changes, increases in irritability, and even depression. When the testosterone level decreases enough, then testosterone replacement therapy may be suggested by the family physician.

Just adding testosterone in the form of a patch or shot, does not give the same result as a cyclic therapy in rounds of bi-weekly injections for 12 weeks, followed by a cessation of testosterone injections for one month. In this innovative therapy proposed by MetroMD, during the off month from testosterone, the patients should instead receive HCG, in two shots, given bi-weekly. HCG is the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. Its purpose is to restore to the patient the natural rhythm of waxing and waning of testosterone levels. HCG has LH, also known as luteinizing hormone, which is released naturally from the pituitary gland. Luteinizing hormone functions in the body to regulate the testis. By alternating the testosterone and the HCG and LH, the patient can slowly readjust the testosterone level back in his own system, and achieve his normal performance intentions.



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