How to Cycle Testosterone with HCG, MetroMD Los Angeles Protocol

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A lot of patients ask us what is the best way to cycle HCG while on a testosterone program. They ask us How to Cycle Testosterone with HCG. The answer is not simple but when done properly a TRT program is done properly.  At MetroMD Los Angeles, we have a protocol we like to follow:

  1. 100-200mg Testosterone Cypionate every 1-2 Weeks (depending on blood work) 6-8 weeks on
  2. HCG Troches (300-500iu Daily) while on TRT 6-8weeks
  3. HCG 4 weeks 1000iu SubQ Weekly

When a patient follows this protocol we help ensure natural testosterone levels are at their highest while on TRT. HCG promotes the cells of leydig in the testis to produce testosterone. By supplementing this hormone into a TRT program you can help ensure your native T levels do not decline. Cycling HCG while on Testosterone Replacement Therapy is highly beneficial.

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