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One question that comes up over and over again with patients exploring the use of Human Growth Hormone therapy is… What is my hgh dosage?

Commonly this question is asked when patients are receiving HGH supplies from an unknown source.  These sources are usually found online or from a local gym. When a patient receives Human Growth Hormone from a non-medical source they do not know their proper hgh dosage.  Once the patient receives the product from these illegitimate sources there is no guidance for how much they should be administering daily.

This is exactly why HGH therapy should be done through the proper medical route.  With the guidance of a physician you know you are receiving safe and effective HGH and also the physician can help a patient determine the proper dosage appropriate for their body.

Human Growth Hormone therapy is a program tailored specifically to the patient. With this said, everyone will have a unique dosage appropriate for their body. This tailored dosage is formed after receiving proper pre-diagnostic work done by the physician before administering HGH for therapeutic use.

A physician will have to evaluate a patients health history, record their age and obtain blood work to properly create a program for the patient.  The blood work has one very important panel named IGF-1, which correlates with native HGH production.  Based on all of these clinical pre-diagnostic testing and the IGF-1 score a physician can properly dose a patient.

In essence Human Growth Hormone dosing is customized to the patients body.  The dosage a friend is taking most likely could be drastically different then the dosage you should be taking.  It is very important that a patient receives the proper dosage, which can only be properly done by a HGH specialized physician.  If a patient takes a randomized dosage or a dosage they read online adverse side affects are seen ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to enlarged hearts.

The simple answer is there is no standard HGH dosage.  This is a program tailored to the patient to replace their HGH levels.  At any point in time a persons HGH levels are different and a different dosage is necessary to replace the lost HGH levels.

So, if you exploring the use of HGH therapy or are already using HGH without proper guidance start doing so with the guidance of a physician.  A physicians guidance is the only safe and affective way to properly administer a HGH dosage.

Copyright © 2012 Alex Martin MD & Devin Stone, Los Angeles

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