How to Treat Acne?

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Acne is a problem that affects millions of people around the world. It can appear on any part of the skin and for some, it can be a reoccurring side effect of an unhealthy or unhygienic lifestyle. Acne occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin.

At MetroMD our approach to treating acne is different than the standard treatments. Typically acne is treated with over-the-counter creams and cleanser, as well as prescription antibiotics. This is an effective treatment method but is not preventative nor permanent. In order to combat acne long term and prevent it from reoccurring a more well-rounded approach must be taken.

At MetroMD we take into consideration your diet, genetics, and lifestyle in order to accurately identify triggers in your environment that cause Acne breakouts. Adjusting diet, sleep patterns, water intake and learning which skin care products are best can help create long-term relief from Acne.

A few simple things that can be done to help reduce breakouts include cleaning pillow and bed sheets regularly along with any fabrics that come into contact with your face such as towels. Although antibiotics may be necessary, adjusting your diet and lifestyle can help make major improvements to your skin. Proper hydration plays a key role in having clear skin as well make sure you are getting 8+ cups of water a day.

If you struggle with acne or want to achieve clearer skin try the tips suggested in this article. If you still have issues schedule a consult with our team at MetroMD we can evaluate your current skin condition and help you take the right steps to an acne free life!

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