Hyper pigmentation Removal with IPL Photofacial in Los Angeles

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Being a California native has a lot of perks. We have many days of sun, moderate climate and our beautiful oceans. However, with the extra time spent playing under the sun more and more people are getting skin disease and hyper pigmentation. Luckily MetroMD offers IPL photo facial  in Los Angeles.

Hypergikentation can be removed using IPL laser. This treatment uses a beam of light that is attracted to pigment. The pigment absorbs the light flashes which causes it to peel. After the treatment the pigment can flack off in a process we like to call “peppering”. Once this is done pigment will now longer be on the skin.

With IPL Photofacials in Los Angeles it is best to get between 4-6 treatments to remove pigment. After a series of sessions you can have your skin looking radiant. This same device also works for acne, skin rejuvenation and vascular tissue removal.

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