If you need a Stem Cell Specialist in Toluca Lake Area, Try MetroMD

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Stem cell therapy has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last decade. More and
more clinics are popping up claiming to offer stem cell therapy. So, if you need a stem
cell specialist in Toluca Lake try MetroMD as we have offered stem cell therapies for
over 6 years.
These therapies by our stem cell specialist in Toluca Lake include hair regeneration, skin
rejuvenation and orthopedic injury repair. With these treatments we use stem cells
derived from the patients own body. Once these cells are harvested they are processed
than re-administered to the patients body at the site or trauma or need.
Once these cells are placed the area applied will start to regenerate. The end results are to
restore normal tissue function and physiology. Often it takes up to six months for full
regeneration but when this is complete the end results far outweighs the negatives that
come with surgery.
Stem cell specialist in Toluca Lake clearly is MetroMD. We have provided over 1000
cellular procedures to date and strive to provide the best results possible for our patients.

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