Improving skin tone with a healthy diet!


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The importance of a healthy diet plays a key role in maintaining good health and avoiding sickness but it also is a very crucial aspect for anyone wanting to have a clear skin tone. When you think of clear skin you think of face washes, acne treatments, and other topical based lotions or treatments. Rarely is nutrition and diet mentioned.

At MetroMD we take a full 360 approach to wellness by ensuring that diet and nutrition are one of the first things looked at before diagnosing any treatments. A majority of skin issues are heavily affected by external factors like environment, stress, and diet.

In order to effectively treat acne, we must look at fatty or oily based foods that are in your diet. By testing and manipulating your diet we can see the effect or various foods on your skin. A proper diet in combination with the right skin care is the formula for clear skin.

Water or proper hydration is also another key player in having clear and healthy skin. Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day as this is crucial to any healthy diet. Avoiding unnecessary sun exposure is important too, you can do this by using sunscreen, wearing a hat, sunglasses, ETC.

If you are interested in taking care of yourself today so that you can enjoy tomorrow and the plentiful years ahead, call MetroMD to book a consultation with Dr. Stone. He can design an individually tailored program to fit your needs and lifestyle to ensure you have the future you’ve always dreamt of.

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