Let Us Answer Your Questions about Stem Cell Therapy | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD

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Let Us Answer Your Questions | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD – The questions always keep coming! I hope we can help…Schedule a consultation today ►

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Dr. Alex Martin and MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine are here to help you gain back what you have lost through age and injury. With the development of stem cell therapy and Human Growth Hormones, Dr. Martin and his team are the leading experts in the field of regenerative medicine. With trustworthy advice and a long standing pedigree of being the best in Los Angeles, they are on the cutting edge to give you all the information and guidance you will need.

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Let Us Answer Your Questions | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD

Hello, I’m Dr. Alex Martin, MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine. What I’d like to talk about today are frequently asked questions. Many times we’re asked are stem cells safe to use? Yes, the answer is yes, in the United States we have very tight regulations and rules that have come down from the authorities on how to use stem cells. We know that autologous stem cells are safe, these are your own stem cells, and that’s what we use at MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine to treat various illnesses.

The frequently asked question is, well, what illness do you treat with stem cells in the United States? At the present time, we are seeing the greatest success with orthopedic applications, so we can apply stem cells along with platelet enriched plasma, and the utilization of human growth hormone along with this, for treatment of joint disease in the knees and shoulder and hips and other joints of the body.

The most frequently treated areas are the hips and the knees. When you will ask well, how do you treat a hip? We can say, well, we use a guided targeting device using ultrasound which shows us, very clearly, the space that we’re going to be treating with the stem cells. So we are very, very targeted in what we do and we are able to place the stem cells exactly where we want them.
Many times we’re asked, well, how do you get stem cells? Where are they, what part of the body do you get them from? We take the stem cells from the hip bone, and it’s located in the lower part of the back, you can reach back and touch the lower part of the back and you’ll feel 2 little nobs or 2 promontories, as we call them, on both sides of the lower spine at the hip. Those are the areas where the hip bone comes to the surface, it approaches the surface very closely, and we can anesthetize that area completely and, with a special needle, extract bone marrow. It’s about a quarter of a cup of bone marrow, under sterile conditions.
We process it, separate out the stem cells and then those are the stem cells we use to reinject into your body. Many of you have asked, well, do you use anything besides stem cells to enhance what you’re doing? At the MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine we have a very special technique in which we add growth factors and platelet rich plasma, in addition to human growth hormone, in combination.



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