Liposuction for Abdomen for Los Angeles with SmartLipo

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Liposuction, by definition, is the removal of fat by aspiration after injection of physiologic saline has been used to remove and contour subcutaneous fat. At MetroMD, our approach not only allows for in-office treatment without general anesthesia, but the surgical approach includes pre and post-operative optimization to enhance a patient’s overall potential to achieve the results they desire.

MetroMD offers a unique innovation on traditional liposuction, Tumescent Smart Laser Liposuction, in which a combination of laser wavelengths allows for enhanced adipose cell breakdown increasing ease of fatty tissue removal, decreased bleeding and bruising, and the promotion of neocollagenesis enhancing the overall degree of skin tightening post-procedure. Additionally, the use of tumescent anesthetic solution (combination of Lactated Ringers, lidocaine, epinephrine) allows for the patient to be awake and with slight sedation throughout the procedure with minimal if any discomfort whatsoever.

Depending on the treatment area, typical recovery time is anywhere from 3-6 months with the maximal effect typically visible around the 6 month time point. Additional therapies such as cool sculpting are always recommended as adjutant therapies to improve likelihood of success post-procedurally.

The final component of the MetroMD approach with lipolytic therapy is inclusion of pre and post
operative physiologic optimization practices such components of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program that is growing in favor in hospitals world-wide. The goals of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols include attenuating the surgical stress response and reducing dysfunction through integrated preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative pathways. In brief, any surgical procedure, cosmetic liposuction included, is akin to running a marathon or greater with regards to the metabolic demand placed on the body to heal. If one is not prepared for this endeavor, it should be no surprise optimal results are rarely achieved.

When deciding to proceed with this procedure, extensive pre-operative counseling, metabolic testing and nutritional intervention are discussed and implemented to ensure a patient is able to increase their physiologic performance capability during the surgical procedure and in the recovery process which contributes directly to the results that may be achieved.

Please come in for consultation with Dr. Ryan M. Greene, DO, MS should you feel this treatment is
something that would be of benefit in your journey to becoming the best version of you.

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