Manual Cupping Recovery


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Recovery is an overlooked aspect of health. Recovery can come in many forms, physical, mental, and emotional. It’s important to make time to recover from stressful weeks, events or anything that leaves you feeling drained. At MetroMD we’ve been working to vamp up our recovery center and provide treatments that not only bring you physical recovery but also help you enter a zen state of calm.

Allan our Manual Therapist is very experienced in various physical recovery treatments. Using a combination of stretching, massage therapy and cupping he helps tweak out the stress and tension in your body. Working to align your body and find your weak points or areas that need improvement, Allan takes a holistic approach studying your posture, work habits, and mobility.

Just one session with Allan will have you feeling relaxed and limber. He will also help you understand the weakness and pain area you need to work on! Call our office or him directly at 818-307-8944 to schedule an appointment.

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